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November 30, 2023
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A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Akropolis

Akropolis is a software that allows developers to create Decentralized Applications (dapps) that offer the cryptocurrency-based financial services that are owned and operated by the users.

This way, Akropolis seeks to serve as a platform for a variety of financial decentralization ( DeFi) tools which operate under a common framework known as the akropolis OS. The dapps that are made possible by the framework are protocols for lending, savings and investment services.

However, instead of having a central organization in charge of and facilitating the access Akropolis apps are developed using code and are governed by communities that are autonomous.

In order to decide on protocol changes users must be holders of and bet on in the indigenous Akropolis currency, AKRO that anyone can earn by supplying liquidity to protocols as well as dapps based on AkropolisOS.

In its quest to create an online platform, Akropolis has also integrated existing DeFi protocols that are built on Ethereum like Compound, Aave and Maker. Akropolis Dapps are able to integrate all of these services in their pools of liquidity or lending and borrowing offerings or other services.

Anyone who wants to keep track of the development of the project can save the Akropolis project’s timeline to get the most current information.

How Does Akropolis Work?

Akropolis aims to give its users the ability to both launch new DeFi protocols and grow their crypto asset holdings using a suite of DeFi dapps they can help manage. This is because every protocol or application built on AkropolisOS is the Autonomous Finance Organization (AFO) that is designed to function without the use of an external third external.

AFOs are financial institutions owned by members that are based on a distributed system Their goal is to operate similar to a business with no hierarchical management.


AkropolisOS is software toolkit for development (SDK) developed by the Akropolis team to assist developers develop decentralized applications (dapps) using the platform.

The SDK includes a set of smart contract modules that allow developers to modify their apps. In addition, AkropolisOS also comes with tools to manage various protocols of the DeFi (such for Compound Maker and Compound Maker).

Sparta And Delphi

Sparta along with Delphi are two apps developed in the Akropolis team with AkropolisOS. Sparta lets users borrow money, with only 50 percent of the collateral and also to provide liquidity to the program with a percentage of interest.

Delphi On its own, allows users to join in different opportunities to grow yields across the DeFi area, which is that are curated via the application. In addition, users who want to convert their dollar cost average to bitcoin or Ethereum are able to use Delphi too.

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