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Atari Token: A Means Of Payment In Video Games And Atari Casino

A pioneer in video game development Atari has launched its blockchain division to take advantage of the many opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer in the growing games business. The principal objective of the division is to develop the company’s cryptocurrency called “Atari Token”.

Atari Token is an ERC20 utility token created on Ethereum. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain with the intention to be utilized as an way to pay for video games as well as the Atari Casino (explanation follows). ATRI is the payment method that is part of the Atari Chain which was created with the help of Atari and ICIB as one of the most prominent financial services firms across the Middle East.

Atari Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency that was created to be the reference token in the world of interactive entertainment. The goal of this token to be an all-encompassing payment method for the industry of interactive entertainment. — ICICB.com

Atari Chain aims to make ATRI simple to integrate directly into games from other developers as a method of payment. Presently, it is utilized to pay for transactions, taking stakes and playing games in the Atari entertainment online ecosystem which includes gambling, video games as well as betting and gaming platforms.

In the near future, it will be utilized as an alternative method to pay for digital goods not just for the company’s own video computer, but as well on other consoles and third-party platforms.

Atari: A Tru Pioneer Of Videogames

Atari was established in California in 1972. It is widely regarded as the pioneering company of many advancements in the field of communications. Atari became famous for their table tennis games “Pong”. It was the first game on video to be a commercial success.

After financial turmoil, the company that has a portfolio of more than 200 franchises and games, was saved from bankruptcy via an acquisition by the French firm Ker Ventures. The CEO of Ker Ventures, Frederic Chesnais stepped down as CEO on April 6 2021.  He assumed the role of director of the company’s new department of blockchain.

Atari Casino

Atari is creating a new Metaverse for the Atari Chain that is a vast potential for games, including Atari’s Atari Casino and the NFT Collection. Every user is assigned an avatar that allows them to explore the world of metaphysics. The games that will go in play at the launch will consist of Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Roulette, and other games.

The Metaverse is operated by the $ATRI utility token that, as previously mentioned as an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. Users can seamlessly join the Blockchain using an Atari Chain digital wallet which is activated after they sign-up as the very first time.

An online casino that is based on cryptocurrency or more commonly, crypto-casino is comparable to traditional casinos, however, bets are accepted , and the winnings are paid in crypto only. These systems have different advantages for players such as winnings not being tax deductible. Online casinos that accept cryptocurrency are not new.

There are a lot of sites available that provide lucrative crypto. Atari’s casino may be one of the most significant moves in recent times. The game maker will collaborate in partnership with Decentral Games and will be providing a variety of arcade games that will be available on the web platform.

On their blog post, Decentral Games announces users will have the option of finding classic games as well as brand new games that are built around luck. Furthermore, users will be able to win exclusive collections of virtual card (NFTs). According to a recent promotional video, the game will include playable characters that can be personalized , and the game will have 100 million of NFTs.

Very interestingly, the new casino will be located inside Vegas city, which is a gaming city within Decentral Games’ Metaverse, Decentral and. It’s a virtual reality that allows players to play with an avatar. Find out more about Decentral and:

Decentral and Do You Need to invest on the Internet of Things?

Although the Atari Casino has an estate of 20 parcels, located inside the Casino Quarter of Vegas City situated on Decentral and The casino has plans to conquer real Vegas as well. It will be the world’s first hotel themed around Atari, set to open in Las Vegas in 2022.

But Unfortunately…

The “Atari Casino” platform has recently gone live however not for intention. It was accidentally made available to the general public. Atari itself claimed that someone within the company could have made a mistake up. But that the content leaked is very different from the original video.

Perhaps the graphics that are raw in the screenshots from the Bit casino Rank’s Monday Review on the Atari Casino is explained by the fact that this is an experimental version intended for use within the company and not a finished product.

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