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10 Best Jobs For People Who Are Skilled In Bitcoin And Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin – you have heard these terms in the news and can see them everywhere on your timeline. But does anyone have a clue what these really mean?

As per Investopedia, the cryptocurrency can be described as “a electronic or digital money that utilizes cryptography (secret code) to ensure security.” In contrast to conventional currencies, it’s not secured by a government agency or bank. Instead it’s tracked and traded through a decentralized digital ledger, also known by the blockchain. You could think of it as akin to the Venmo app, only for cryptocurrency.

The most well-known and widely used cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. However, there are many others, including ether.

Skills Required For Jobs In Cryptocurrency

As you can imagine, technology skills are vital to getting an employment in the cryptocurrency universe, as a number of jobs require technical skills, such as Java machine-learning, Python and artificial intelligence (AI) C/C++ Node.js as well as Amazon web-based services.

However, there are many opportunities for people who are not tech-savvy, as well. Employers are also looking for applicants with soft skills including communication creativity, problem-solving, and creativity and who are motivated, self-motivated, and are team-oriented.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

According to an earlier Monster review, the job market for cryptocurrency is growing. According to an estimate, number of jobs that include “cryptocurrency,” “bitcoin,” or “blockchain” have increased 194% from year to year between 2018 and 2017.

Are you wondering if there’s a career in cryptocurrency that you could be interested in? We’ve compiled a list of 10 opportunities that require you to work with blockchain and bitcoin right in the near future.

Business Development Representative

As with any other emerging area, cryptocurrency opens up new business opportunities in a variety of sectors (health healthcare, finances and real estate, to mention just a few) and there’s an urgent need to search for those opportunities to promote partnerships with companies and conclude agreements.

What you’ll need: Beyond an in-depth knowledge of the purpose of your company’s cryptocurrency implementation, Business development reps need to have some experience in sales and excellent communication abilities. A lot of them have degrees in finance, business or communications.

Data Scientist

Blockchain technology is fairly new and is often overlooked, meaning that there’s a high demand for professionals who are experts in the field of data sciences. Your role is to analyze data about transactions to aid engineers improve their experiences..

What you’ll need: A majority of data scientists have master’s degrees in computer science or data. The ability to analyze data is crucial as are communication abilities that are required to present information to the executives of your company.

Financial Analyst

You are supposed to working with hedge funds and insurance agencies and also with private investors who are looking to invest in crypto.The typical day entails the recommendation of investments, the development of investment strategies (like the ideal timing to buy and sell) and evaluating risk, and ensuring portfolios of investments.

What you’ll need: Generally, financial analysts possess an undergraduate degree, as well as an official license, typically issued by the Financial Industry Regulation Authority.

After four years of experience, some go on to be Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certified. Additionally, having top-notch analytical, computer, and math skills will make you a competitive candidate when applying to cryptocurrency-oriented jobs.

You must be able to comprehend how the new laws or policies, political developments and economic developments could impact investment decisions.


You know who you get all the crypto news from? Journalists., off course. As a journalist, you’d report on the latest developments in blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. You could be covering for a magazine, newspaper or blog, or an online company.

What you’ll need: The majority of journalists begin their careers as interns at the newspaper or magazine of their choice with an undergraduate degree in communications, journalism or a related field. Writing examples (or broadcast in the case of journalism you’re seeking) are essential to securing the job you want.

Engineer In Machine Learning

Are you looking to transform cryptocurrency from the realm of water cooler discussions to a tangible, simple to use currency that isn’t vulnerable to cyber-criminals and other online criminals? It’s a digital world, which is why naturally there’s a demand for experts to create safe, user-friendly experience for users through digital apps.

For instance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, Coin base, uses machine learning to keep in front of hackers.

What you’ll need: At a higher level, machine learning engineers need to be proficient in natural processing of language (NLP) algorithms as well as data analysis. They should have at minimum an advanced degree in computer science, and sometimes even a Ph.D. as well as being proficient in statistical analysis languages like Python as well as SQL.

Marketing Manager

For cryptocurrency to continue to be successful, potential investors and users must be aware of it and understand how it functions. Marketing managers assess the need for cryptocurrency and blockchain , and then compare the value. They find possible users, keep track of trend, formulate strategies to aid people to maximize their earnings as well as market shares.

What you’ll require: Marketing managers should be self-starters who are comfortable creating and advertising products from scratch. They must be imaginative and analytical. The majority of them have an undergraduate degree, however experience is essential in this field.

Prior to getting promoted as a manager, the majority have a few years of experience in marketing, advertising promotions, sales, or other.

Research Analyst

Many sectors require researchers, however, in emerging areas such as cryptocurrency, the possibilities to work are endless.

“This position was designed to assist in educating Americans about the latest developments in the crypto industry and help them make better choices,” says Jon Brodsky who is the head of finder.com’s US operations, a New York-based company that assists people in making more informed decisions in their professional and personal lives.

What you’ll need: Research analysts must have strong data analysis, strategic thinking, as well as written communications abilities. They should also have a thorough understanding of the cryptocurrency industry–availability and differences between currencies, technologies, trading platforms, applications, and more.

Analysts generally have an undergraduate qualification in the field of market research.

Security Architect

While one of the advantages to cryptocurrency is it’s far more secure unlike traditional financial systems, security engineers remain vital to ensure security is maintained. Your task is to develop systems to safeguard the technology of your business from external threats as well as fraudulent transactions.

What you’ll need: Security architects must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field of computers like information technology or web development. A keen eye for detail as well as analytical abilities are crucial.

Technical Writer

Companies that create new kinds of cryptocurrency usually prepare a white paper on technical aspects to draw investors in, typically 20-50 pages, detailing the company’s development plan and marketing strategy for their technology.

What you’ll need: Content writers working in the field of cryptography need to have at least an understanding of how blockchain technology operates and persuasive writing skills as well as a good understanding of grammar and spelling. Digital marketing and social media expertise are huge advantages.

Web Developer

Blockchain web developers are charged with creating and maintaining code, usually in the form of smart contracts, which are computer-based protocols that permit users to conduct transactions without the need of the assistance of a third party (like an institution of finance).

What you’ll require: A few common languages for web developers working in the blockchain sector include Java Scripts, React, Python, and Solidity.

As the business is constantly evolving and changing so fast, you’ll require the ability to operate in a fast-paced setting and be able to adapt and learn new programming languages as they are accepted.

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