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Sandbox: A Blockchain-Based Play To Earn Game

Sandbox is a pay-to-earn-play game that blends blockchain technology, NFTs and DeFi into an immersive 3D world. The virtual world lets players design and modify their games as well as digital assets using free tools for designing.

The digital goods created by the players are then monetized with NFTs and then sold as SAND tokens on the Sandbox Marketplace. The SAND token is the primary token used in The Sandbox. It serves to fund every transaction and interaction in The Sandbox game.

Sand can be earned by participating in contests, games and games in The Sandbox or purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

Introducing Sandbox

It is the gaming sector that has invested more funds to bring their projects onto blockchain technology, specifically in creating metaverses to improve your gaming. After the Facebook change of branding to “Meta” in the month of October 2021, the metaverse game exploded in popularity.

Metaverses in blockchain revolutionize how people interact and also redefine ownership of digital assets in games. One of the most popular blockchain-based game concepts that provide gamers a unique game experience of The Sandbox.

It allows players to unleash their imagination by letting them participate in the game items and virtual world which is all built upon NFTs, which are non-fungible. (NFTs).

What Exactly Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an play-to-earn game on blockchain which allows players to create an imaginary world with NFTs, which are non-fungible. (NFTs) which are stored on Ethereum.

The players can create their own avatars that allow access to the various games, environments as well as hubs in The Sandbox metaverse. The game as a def variant that is a version of Minecraft that is on blockchain.

The Sandbox was launched in the year 2011 by Pixel. It was initially a mobile-based gaming platform that was designed to compete with Minecraft. It quickly became popular and has generated over 40 million downloaded games across the world.

However, in the year 2018, founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Berget determined to investigate the possibilities of developing an 3D digital world on the blockchain. Their aim is to let users own their creations using NFTs, and to receive rewards while being part of the community.

The brand new Sandbox project launched in the year 2020 and quickly became one of the most popular games in the world of crypto alongside Axie Infinity along with Decentral and. In the month of November 2021, The Sandbox raised $93 million in funds from investors led by Japanese firm that owns mobile phones, SoftBank.

The game also garnered more than 50 partnerships, including Atari the world-renowned gaming firm, Crypto Kitties, The Walking Dead and hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg.

Process Behind The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an interactive virtual world that features users-generated content. Users can create and build their own NFTs including avatars, virtual goods and even games with Vox Edit or Game Maker. In addition, they can utilize virtual goods to communicate with other gamers, but they can also earn money from these NFTs through trading them on the Sandbox Marketplace.

Vox Edit

Vox Edit is a simple software for players and artists to create, rig and then animate their voxel-based NFTs. Voxels are 3D squares which look similar to Lego blocks.

They can be easily edited using Vox Edit to make various shapes. For instance, users could make avatar-oriented items like weapons or clothing or create creatures, plants as well as game tools and other items to be used to play in The Sandbox. The virtual goods could later be traded and exported on the Sandbox Marketplace, as NFTs.

Game Maker

Game Maker allows users to create and test their own 3D games in the Sandbox metaverse. It’s a straightforward program that requires no programming skills to use. The program lets you design and manage diverse objects and elements including NFTs made with Vox Edit within an environment known as LAND.

For instance, they could edit terrain, position characters and structures and create quests using the community-created resources library. They are also able to publish their creations to members of the Sandbox community.

The Sandbox Marketplace

It was first launched in April 2021. The Sandbox Marketplace is an NFT marketplace where users can exchange in-game resources (ASSETS) using SAND, the currency native to that is the currency of The Sandbox.

The ASSETS obtained can be integrated into LAND by using Game Maker to create unique games. These NFTs could be structures, entities as well as wearables that can be utilized within The Sandbox. As stated, The Sandbox uses several different tokens for users to connect to the platform, such as SAND

What’s Sandbox (SAND)?

Sandbox (SAND) is the native token of the Sandbox. This token comes from the ERC-20 that has a the total quantity of 3.0 billion SAND. SAND is a utility token. SAND can be used for any kind of transaction and interactions within the Sandbox ecosystem. That means that players must to have SAND for playing the game.

They can also modify their avatars, purchase Lands, or sell ASSETS through The Sandbox Marketplace. SAND is also an official token of governance.

Holders of SAND can make suggestions and vote on any changes to the platform using an decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure.

Furthermore, SAND holders can also stake SAND in the game and gain rewards, which includes an equal share of the profits from transactions that are made in SAND tokens.

In addition, stakes in SAND increases the likelihood of finding high-value GEMs and CATALYSTs. These are games resources required to make Assets with a greater value and a higher probability of being found.

SAND can be obtained by playing various games and contests within The Sandbox or purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.


ASSETS are NFTs created by users. They are voxel-based assets that have been created using Vox Edit and then posted into The Sandbox Marketplace and converted into NFTs that are available for sale. ASSETS can be utilized in in different ways. They can be natural assets such as a structure, mobile animal, or even a automobile.

They may also be attached to the avatar’s clothing or weapons. If you are creating your own games with Game Maker, ASSETS can be created to create distinct gaming experiences.

What Is Land?

LAND can be described as a virtual part of real estate on The Sandbox platform. It is an ERC-721 unique token that is on the Ethereum blockchain. It is possible for players to purchase LAND to make their own versions of games with ASSETS with Game Maker. Game Maker tool. You can also join multiple LANDs in an Estate.

Land lets players earn revenue from your gaming enjoyment. For instance, they could charge other players who visit their LAND or playing games and earn rewards through hosting events and content and even rent or sell their own customized LAND.

There are 166,464 land parcels within The Sandbox. They are accessible for purchase using SAND and Ethereum (ETH) through public sales of LAND.

There is a list of the confirmed sales as well as dates on the Sandbox Git book. You can also purchase land from other users of The Sandbox Marketplace and NFT platforms such as Open Sea however, they are more likely to cost more than the public sales that are officially available.

How Can I Purchase SAND Via Binance?

You can purchase SAND on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.

1. Log into your Binance account and then click on”Trade” at the top of the page to go to the classic or advanced trading pages.

2. To the right of the screen. Type “SAND” in the search bar, and it will show an inventory of available trading pairs of SAND. Let’s take SAND/BUSD as an illustration. Simply click on “SAND/BUSD” to go to its trading website.

Go to the box marked “Spot” and select the amount of SAND you wish to purchase. You can choose different types of orders to purchase SAND (e.g., market order). Click “Buy SAND to place your order. The SAND that you bought will be added into the Spot Wallet.

Final Thoughts

Sandbox is a content-driven by users platform that lets users contribute and create content for the metaverse. In contrast to other popular games that earn money, The Sandbox doesn’t have any predetermined game world.

It offers a plethora of options that allows users to personalize everything with simple and free tools. Content created by users can also be sold by using NFTs, or to enhance the gaming experience.

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