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November 29, 2023
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Bitcoin Gets A Big Upgrade Called Taproot

Taproot, the biggest upgrade to Bitcoin since 2017, is now complete. This upgrade will bring Schnarr signatures, which will make Bitcoin transactions more private, efficient, and less expensive.

Taproot is the second largest upgrade to Bitcoin’s network, after the Segregated Witness upgrade, in July 2017. This upgrade addressed scaling issues.

Taproot promises many improvements for the network, including smart contract functions and privacy features.

These changes will result in improved wallet functionality as well as lower fees for complex transactions.

“Taproot” is an upgrade that will increase Bitcoin’s scripting capabilities, bringing it in line to competing blockchains like Ethereum, which already have programmable smart contract technology,” stated Crypto briefing, a cryptocurrency research company, in a report.

Smarter Contracts

Smart contracts are programs that are stored on a blockchain and run when certain conditions are met. They are vital in decentralized finance applications as well as nonfungible tokens.

Although smart contracts are used on the Bitcoin network, they are almost ineffective on the platform. It is more expensive, takes longer, and reduces the number of transactions.

Taproot’s arrival means that multiple transactions can be made to a Bitcoin wallet. This allows for multiple transactions and streamlines many applications.

For example, transactions can be performed from multiple parties to one wallet. This will lead to an increase of daily applications for Bitcoin.

Transactions That Are Less Expensive

Noting that the Bitcoin network is capable of handling approximately four to five transactions per second at the moment, transaction fees can rise to $75 or higher. Taproot is not yet available. However, the upgrade promises to lower the transaction fees.

Taproot upgrade uses Schnarr signatures to reduce the data required for multi signature transactions. These transactions are more complex than standard ones and require more data.

Transactions will be more efficient and cost-effective because there is less data involved.

More Privacy

The need for privacy is increasing as more people adopt crypto currencies around the world. Blockchain-based systems must make it harder to track transactions that are based on public addresses. Taproot’s upgrade will increase the privacy of certain transactions.

The Crypto brief added that Taproot will also introduce MAST, which will make it harder to trace and analyze Bitcoin transactions.

Multi-signature transactions can now be distinguished from simple transactions. This will allow users to enjoy greater anonymity as well as privacy.

Today’s Bitcoin price is $65,839.47, with a 24-hour trading volume $26,667.305,809. According to Coin Market cap, Bitcoin has risen by 2.31 percent over the past 24 hours.

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